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Hello Neighbor Beta 3




is out for all owners launched 8 DEC is a good time to visit cheers [STORE] Get free AI Ships, free AI Subs, and give them a little fleet boost. For those of you who don't know, the AI can be a valuable component to a fleet, especially when you're doing things like the Barents Sea Raids or the 'Frozen Polar Sea.' And get their hands on some free heavy bombers too! As part of the Beta 3 update, we're excited to announce the Beta 3 "Shop & Market" coming in December. We're experimenting with a fully-functioning shop, with a persistent UI and regular updates, that will be available in both free-to-play and full-price games. It will also allow players to sell ships, subs, and ammo as part of the same currency within the economy. We're looking forward to your feedback as you play! Earlier this week, we announced a special 10% sale of the sci-fi and sci-fi inspired ships and submarines in the Nova Update. Now is the time to stock up on some in-game and get them for free. Here's the details: Star Trek - TOS USS Enterprise NX-01 - Cmdr William T. Riker on Enterprise USS Enterprise D - Lt. Cmdr Data on Enterprise USS Sovereign - Lt. Commander Kelowna on Sovereign USS Sovereign - Lt. Kelowna on Sovereign USS HMS Victory - Admiral Sir James T. Kirk on HMS Victory USS USS Enterprise E - Lt. Cmdr Scott on Enterprise USS Wrath of Khan - Khan on Wrath of Khan USS Starship TOS - TOS Crew on Starship TOS USS Starship NEXT - Starfleet Chief Engineer Alan Carter on Starship Next USS Sovereign - Lt. Cmdr Kelowna on Sovereign USS Bounty - Lt. Carol Marcus on Bounty USS Protector - Lt. Malcolm Reed on Protector USS Defiant - Lt. Cmdr Tuvok on Defiant USS Voyager - Lt. Cmdr Chakotay on Voyager USS Janeway - Captain Kathryn Janeway on Voyager USS Voyager - Lt. Tuvok on Voyager USS Pioneer - Lt. Cmdr Harry Kim on Pioneer USS Romulan - Lt. Commander Spock on Romulan USS Enterprise - Commander Deanna Troi on Enterprise USS Enterprise - Commander William T. Riker on Enterprise USS




Hello Neighbor Beta 3

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